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Tooth Extractions Are Never Our First Option

When you’re in pain from a toothache or have a cracked or broken tooth, you might be worried that the tooth needs to come out. Our dentists will use high-tech digital imaging technology to get a close look at the structure of your tooth. This can help us make a more informed decision about whether tooth removal is truly necessary. 

Other treatment options we may consider are:

  • Composite fillings, inlays, and onlays – These restorative treatments are usually best for repairing smaller areas of decay or superficial damage.
  • Root canals – A bad toothache might be a sign that bacteria have reached the inner layers of the tooth. Root canals eliminate infection, relieve pain, and still leave much of your natural tooth intact. 
  • Veneers – If the damage to the tooth is cosmetic, veneers might be an option to restore the appearance of the tooth and protect it against future damage, too.

Replace a Missing Tooth

Why Austin Dental?

You’re in good hands at Austin Dental. Our dentists, hygienists, and staff are friendly, focused on your comfort, and passionate about helping you. Visit our warm and inviting office and experience our anxiety-free approach to dental extractions.

“I had so much apprehension going into today after dealing with a large chain where I was made to feel really badly for the state of my teeth. Both the hygienist and doctor were very comforting and I walked away feeling great. I can’t say enough great things about this place and can confidently say that I will be a customer for life.”

– F. J.

Meet Your Dentists

Hoppy Lane, D.D.S.

ADA, TDA, UT San Antonio

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Albert Olivares, D.D.S.

ADA, TDA, UT San Antonio

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Amaris Caraballo, D.D.S.

UT Austin, UTHSC San Antonio

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If you’re worried that you might need a tooth extraction, talk to our dentists today. We’ll help you make the best choice for your smile and your health. Our convenient Austin office is always welcoming new patients. Come see us!