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The high-tech and modern tools and techniques we’ve invested in at Austin Dental are carefully selected to maximize health, aesthetics, and comfort.  From natural tooth-colored fillings to permanent and biocompatible dental implants, the benefits of high-tech dentistry are undeniable.

Beyond technology, our dentists and staff are committed to staying up to date on the latest research and continuing education programs. This allows them to provide you with world-class care you just won’t find anywhere else.

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CEREC Single-Visit Crowns

Forget about all this:

  • Goopy impressions
  • Flimsy temporary crowns
  • Weeks of waiting
  • Another trip back to the dentist

CEREC single-visit crowns are truly revolutionary.

Using high-tech computer software (no goopy impressions), our dentists make a 3D model of your mouth. High-tech machinery then creates a perfectly fitting and natural-looking crown in about an hour (no waiting, no temporary crown). Then your dentist bonds the finished crown in place (no follow-up visit needed).

One visit. No hassle. See for yourself why all of our patients are talking about how much they love their CEREC crowns.

Mercury-Free Tooth-Colored Fillings

Say goodbye to silver (mercury amalgam) fillings!

Our high-tech composite fillings offer many benefits, including:

  • Preserve more of your natural tooth structure
  • Look just like your natural teeth
  • Mercury-free and contain no metal
  • Actually strengthen your tooth against cracks and chips

Digital Imaging Technology

Modern digital x-rays use a fraction of the radiation required by old-fashioned films. Plus they’re “hi-def” letting your dentist see every detail of your tooth and bone structure. We can better diagnose cavities and other issues and planning your treatment has never been easier.

Intraoral Camera

Your dentist will use a small and flexible camera to examine your mouth. You’ll see what your dentist sees and develop a deeper understanding of the health of your teeth and gums. You’ll also play an active role in planning your treatment thanks to the information you’ll learn as your dentist completes your exam.

What are the big benefits of high-tech dentistry?

By taking advantage of modern tools, techniques, and materials, many treatments can be done faster, more comfortably, and effectively.

Is high-tech dentistry more expensive?

The out-of-pocket cost of different treatment options varies greatly, especially if you have dental insurance. Because of their durability (and other benefits), high-tech treatments are a better long-term investment. You’ll see the difference in how your smile looks and feels!

Does high-tech mean one size fits all?

No! Our dentists work with each and every patient to create a custom experience based on their needs and smile goals. We’ll never recommend a high-tech treatment if can’t show how it will benefit you.

iTero 3D Scanning System

We believe visiting the dentist should never feel bad.

That’s why we’ve created a practice of experienced dentists committed to all aspects of your oral health. You’re in good hands here!

“I had so much apprehension going into today after dealing with a large chain where I was made to feel really badly for the state of my teeth. Both the hygienist and doctor were very comforting and I walked away feeling great. I can’t say enough great things about this place and can confidently say that I will be a customer for life.”

– F. J.

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ADA, TDA, UT San Antonio

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UT Austin, UTHSC San Antonio

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