New year? New tech!

Here at Austin Dental, our expert team of Super GP dentists is always seeking out the latest and greatest dental technology available. We believe you deserve to look forward to seeing your dentist. Our investment in high-tech dental equipment makes every visit to our office that much better.

So what’s new in 2022? 

We’ve added the Prophylaxis Master and the iTero 3D scanning system to our office. Keep reading to learn more about how we’ll be using these tools to help you.

Prophylaxis Master: Protection from cavities and gum disease

Cavities are common and in fact, nearly 95% of people will get one at some point in their life. Gum disease is an epidemic, particularly near dental implants (peri-implantitis). Tooth decay and gum disease can lead to tooth loss as well as chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetic complications.

When it comes to preventing decay and disease, the Prophylaxis Master is a total game-changer.

The dental biofilm in your mouth is the main contributing cause of tooth decay (caries) and gum disease. 

But wait, what’s biofilm?

Biofilm is the collection of bacteria that live in your mouth. At any given moment, you have billions upon billions of bacteria in your mouth. But don’t worry, nearly all of them are benign or even helpful — some make it easier for us to digest food, for example.

But when certain species of bacteria eat, grow, and reproduce, it can throw the acidity of your mouth out of balance. This damages tooth enamel and makes it easier for gum disease and tooth decay to start.

With the Prophylaxis Master, our hygienists can provide Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This simple and non-invasive treatment keeps the bacteria in your mouth under control and contributes to improved oral and systemic health.

Of course, no single treatment alone is enough to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums for life. Your long-term dental health and whole-body wellness rely upon your commitment to:

  • Great at-home care habits
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle 
  • Regular visits to the dentist for exams and cleanings

Think of the Prophylaxis Master as a way to “jump-start” your oral health. There’s no reason to not give it a try. Ask about Guided Biofilm Therapy at your next visit to Austin Dental.

iTero Scanner: Stunning 3D images in seconds

When you look around, you see the world in 3 dimensions, right? It sounds like an obvious answer — a basketball looks like a sphere, not a flat circle. So why do so many dentists rely only upon 2-dimensional radiographs (x-rays) to plan treatments and assess their patients’ health?

Yes, 2D x-rays remain essential diagnostic tools. But they don’t always tell the whole story and sometimes they’re not the best tool for the job.

That’s why Austin Dental has invested in the 3D iTero scanning system. In just seconds, using high-tech cameras and computer technology, it creates stunning 3D images of your teeth, gums, and oral anatomy.

The future of dental digital imaging is here. Our dentists use these images to:

  • Plan implant procedures
  • Evaluate gum health
  • Spot small cavities

Thinking about straightening your teeth? 

We can even use the iTero scanner like a crystal ball to look into the future and show you how your smile will look after completing Invisalign treatment. When you see what’s possible, you won’t be able to wait to get started.

But that’s not all…

There’s so much more great tech at Austin Dental that you won’t find at other local dentist’s offices:

  • CEREC single-visit crowns – No temporary crown, no goopy impression, and (nearly) no waiting. Get a finished crown in just 1 visit to our office.
  • Tooth-colored composite fillings – No mercury fillings here. Just safe, strong, durable, and natural tooth-colored fillings.
  • Intraoral cameras – You’ll see what your dentist sees. Feel in control of your dental health as your dentist explains their findings and helps you decide on the best treatment plan.

Come see what high-tech dentistry is all about

At Austin Dental, we want to show you just how good your dentist can be. 

Schedule your appointment today to see how our investment in dental technology makes your visits to our office the best dental appointments you’ve ever had!