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It all starts by finding a dentist you trust. Here at Austin Dental, our pediatric dentists specialize in helping kids of all ages (and their parents, too!).

We help kids develop great dental health habits and have positive experiences when they visit the dentist. If you and your family are searching for a dentist that cares about you, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dentistry for Children

We offer a wide variety of treatments and dentistry services for kids. Our dentists and staff believe in a comfort-first approach and help children get the care they need without anxiety, stress, or worry.

Treatments include:

  • First Dental Exams 
  • Regular Cleanings & Checkups
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Sealants
  • Sports mouthguards

When Should I Schedule a First Dental Appointment?

Kids should see the dentist after their second birthday. This visit will usually include an exam and plenty of time for us to talk about your child’s future dental health. It’s an easy and low-stress way to help your child get used to going to the dentist. At this appointment, we’ll go at your child’s pace, finding what’s comfortable for them, and trying to make the experience as fun as possible.

Are Cavities in Baby Teeth a Big Deal?

Yes! Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out, they serve a variety of important purposes. If a baby tooth comes out too soon, it can affect the alignment of other teeth and even cause bone loss in the jaw. Plus, untreated cavities can be painful and increase the risk of infection and other complications.

How Much Toothpaste Is Too Much?

  • Kids under 3 – Use an amount that’s about the size of a grain of rice. 
  • Kids age 3-6 – Use a little more toothpaste, a pea-sized dab. 

Older kids and adults really don’t need to use that much toothpaste either. A pea-sized amount is enough!

When Should Kids Start Flossing?

The sooner the better! When a child’s teeth start to fit closely together, it’s time to start flossing. Younger kids won’t have the fine motor skills needed to floss effectively and will need a helping hand. By age 10, most kids will be able to floss on their own.

What is a Happy Visit?

“I had so much apprehension going into today after dealing with a large chain where I was made to feel really badly for the state of my teeth. Both the hygienist and doctor were very comforting and I walked away feeling great. I can’t say enough great things about this place and can confidently say that I will be a customer for life.”

– F. J.

Why Austin Dental?

Your whole family is in good hands here at Austin Dental. Our pediatric dentists, hygienists, and staff are friendly and passionate about helping kids develop great health for life. Families love our warm and inviting office and anxiety-free approach to kids dentistry.

Meet Your Dentists

Hoppy Lane, D.D.S.

ADA, TDA, UT San Antonio

Austin dentist Hoppy Lane DDS Austin Dental

Albert Olivares, D.D.S.

ADA, TDA, UT San Antonio

Austin dentist Albert Olivares DDS Austin Dental

Amaris Caraballo, D.D.S.

UT Austin, UTHSC San Antonio

Austin dentist Albert Olivares DDS Austin Dental

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